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Join Master Higgins, in this, the newest, most exciting, and biggest Adventure Island to date! New challenges, new weapons, and giant new bosses abound!

In a rather strange series of events, for once, Jeannie Jungle hasn’t been kidnapped by some nefarious ne’er-do-well. What a relief! However, Master Higgins’ and Jeannie’s idyllic island life has, again, been marred by tragedy (let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be holding this awesome game in your hand if it hadn’t); an evil witch doctor (is there any other kind?) has kidnapped the Master’s dinosaur friends. This enemy is far more dangerous than any other Higgins has faced as he has kidnapped not one, but five different dinosaurs! RAWR!!!!! Granted, these are simply anthropomorphic beasts, not even women, nevertheless, this dastardly doctor is looking at five counts of felony kidnapping as opposed to the usual one count so many other ‘evil genius’ commit. It’s safe to say that this ‘doctor’, if, in fact, he is really a doctor, means business.