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The rain hasn’t stopped for a week now. Coupled with the dwindling air quality, Gotham has become something else entirely, a town on the verge of another breakdown. The air is sweet, almost like diesel. Bruce thinks the Scarecrow is pumping a small amount of fear toxin through the Catacombs. I tend to agree. Everyone seems on edge, like at any minute the city will spill over in madness. The recent release of Arkham’s most vile doesn’t help either. Again and again, these men kill and again, and again, they are released, they escape, they… whatever. This time a world-renowned psychologist has claimed to completely change these men’s neural pathways, finally making them productive members of society. Someone you can have a conversation with, someone you can leave your children with. Yeah right. It’s just a matter of time until the city’s shadows finally take over.