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Playing this feels somewhat schizophrenic or what I go through on a daily basis. On one hand, it’s zany, wacky, goofy, silly, sophomoric, and on the other hand, well… its a bunch of dick jokes, casual sexism, and loads of wanton violence. For those not familiar with my story, I was given a healing factor by the Weapon-X boys (the very same that “adamantium- ized” Wolverine) in an experimental procedure that left me somewhat insane – and exceedingly self-aware (Yes, I know I am talking to you from the back of a video game box; so ‘meta’, so eighties). I’m also armed with a teleportation device that lets me *bampf* short distances just like my demon buddy, Nightcrawler. Its super useful for dodging attacks, killing 8-bit enemies or making a quick escape. I can do other stuff too but this is becoming tedious. I don’t like writing much either and I’m more into showing than telling anyways.