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If you thought Deadpool was so easy your grandma could beat it, Hardcore Edition will melt your face off! We’ve increased the number of motherfuc*ers inside the levels and added more pits to make your life more miserable. And, if you were bored of having only one playable character, we’re here to change that for you! BAM! Four new characters to play with, one of them being…whaaaat, Ryu Hayabusa!? (Ryu) Yes, that’s right, you thieves! I’m here to take the spotlight back after you’ve stolen it from me in the last game. (Wade) I thought you were dead. Really now, is there anyone that completed your game? I heard they died one hundred times on Jaquio. (Ryu) You’re one to talk, how many times did Deathstroke kick your ass? (Wade) It’s not my fault those damned developers made it so hard! Anyways… grab your controller and let’s start the fun! A brand new ending awaits you, guys!