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It’s a day like any other. A crow is chasing a worm, a worm named Jim. Today the worm escapes to safety and the crow eats dirt. Meanwhile, a suit unlike any other tears through space and time, hurling towards Earth. Soon we witness the birth of Earthworm Jim. Jim checks out his new digs and notices a weird red thingie attached to his side, which just happens to be a plasma blaster. He pulls it out of the holster and begins to fidget with the buttons. Meanwhile, off in the distance, the crow is still looking for his lunch. Jim finds the trigger and lets loose an explosive plasma blast. BLAMO! the crow is torched! Jim – Just an ordinary earthworm caught in a suit he doesn’t understand. Faced with the daunting task of keeping the super-powered suit out of the evil clutches of his vicious enemies, you’ll have to use every weapon and power at your disposal. Use your whip, plasma blaster and hamster (ummm….) to fight past Chuck and Fifi, and many more in this insane adventure for the Nintendo Entertainment System!