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Simply put, Extra Mario Bros. is one of the, if not, best hacks of Super Mario Bros. you will ever play. Using the basic ‘mash-up’ concept, Extra Mario Bros. takes the best platforming parts of Super Mario Bros. and the best adventuring parts of Metroid and creates a unique and impressive vision of a brand new, expansive world. Words cannot express the absolute joy it is to play this game. Five brand new areas wait to be explored in this non-linear journey. Explore them all as you look for the eight keys necessary to reach Bowser. On your way, you will encounter new versions of old enemies and perhaps meet some new ones too. Power up Mario with five new enhancements hidden throughout the game. Can you find them all? A thoroughly well-designed game, Extra Mario Bros. is a well-balanced, excellent game that will, no doubt, keep you entertained for an extended amount of time!