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The world thrived on the power of four peculiar crystals – Wind, Earth, Fire, and Water. With the power of Wind, people were able to sail ships. With the power of Fire, they began an industrial movement. With Water, their thirst was quenched. Finally, from Earth, blessings were received. One day the Tycoon King, upon feeling an irregularity in the air currents, rushed to the Wind Shrine, only to find the Wind Crystal shattering to pieces right before his eyes. In addition to this catostrophe, an enourmous meteor came crashing to the ground, causing earthquakes in the surrounding land near the Tycoon Castle. Soon, four very unique individuals from different walks of life were going to come together on a common journey. There is Faris, a pirate who felt the impending disaster of the Wind; Galuf, a mysterious soldier who lost his memory due to the force of the fallen meteor; Reina, a young woman in search of her father; and Bartz, a wandering traveler.