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The year is 2010. Civilization has progressed little in the last 20 years. It’s winter in New York. The annual Christmas party at the Metrotech Chemical Company building is underway. A small unattended fire in the kitchen starts to grow. Fueled by the abundant chemicals, the fire spreads rapily throughout the building. The D-Sector fire brigade has received an alarm and has dispatched units to the scene. Once arrived, the crew finds out there is a large supply of MDL in the basement of the building. If the chemical should be exposed to excessive heat there could be a tremendous explosion. Soon the unit splits up and will attempt to collect the MDL and bring it to the roof where the explosion will blow up the water tank and hopefully put out the fire. Can you help the D-Sector put out the fire and rescue all the survivors? Find out in The Firemen, only for the Super Nintendo System!