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In 1920s America, there emerged a culture of jealousy and decadence following the turn of the century. Forty miles south of Boston, on Massachusetts Bay, lies the quiet country town of Newcam. Bringing along an overcast winter sky came a mysterious Japanese man. The man Kenichirou Kusakabe, peered into a dilapidated old mansion on a hill outside of town. He was there to visit the lord of the manor, Benedict Weathertop. A few days after Kenichirou entered the mansion, he didn’t come back. But life in Newcam seemed to go back to normal. News of this mystery spread all across the United States, drawing the attention of the newspapers and radio stations.In the place of insensitive looky-loos, a strange group began to gather in town. They have come to hunt the ghosts of the manor! You, too, are one of them!