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An invasion by the Pigmask Army soon turns the community on it’s head. The islands soon turn to a police state, the Pigmask Army controlling everything and everyone inside the borders of the Nowhere Islands. As their grip on the islands strengthens, they begin to experiment on the land’s indigenous flora and fauna species, while simultaneously introducing new technology and infrastructure to the islands. Late one night, the Sunshine Forest is set ablaze by the Pigmask Army. The flames engulf the woods and soon the village of Tazmily is in chaos. Flint, a local villager, heads into the fire to rescue his friends… The follow up to the Super Nintendo cult classic, Earthbound, Mother 3 is an all new adventure from the mind of acclaimed author Shigesato Itoi. A magnificent story that follows a variety of characters, Mother 3 will keep you entertained for hours as you try and defeat the Pigmask Army!