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As if you didn’t need another reason to question your continued habits……

Breasts abound await the discreet gamer! Released in the early 90s, the Panesian titles are known primarily for their copious amount of digital nudity. Gameplay is more of an after thought, but what could one expect from a game that could only be ordered from the back of a magazine.

• Peek-A-Boo Poker – You’ve been invited to a poker game not unlike any other! Full House Francine, Double Dealing Debby, and Pok-er Penny are playing to keep their clothes on, in the only strip poker simulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Bet, Big! Bet, Hard!

• Hot Slot – Bring the sleaze home! These “Jack” Pots are super hard to trigger but once you do, they don’t stop coming! Keep pulling on that handle, don’t stop because you won’t find slots any hotter on the Nintendo Entertainment System!

• Bubble Bath Babes – Someone has been very dirty! Working up a sweat playing these games? You need a bath, a bubble bath! Scrub all of the dirt and shame in this, the only nudity based puzzle game for the Nintendo Entertainment System!

So put on those sweat pants, get comfortable, and light a candle because its about to get real weird in here!