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You’ve finally been granted your Pokemon trainer’s license, and now you’re on your way to becoming the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer. The shockingly-cute Pikachu tags along behind you as you search the enormous world for monsters to train and evolve. Face off against Blastoise’s torrential water gun. This translation is the culmination of years worth of work by Lugia. It has taken the Shenzhen Nanjing’s Pokemon Yellow and improved on the original in many ways. Keep in mind there are differences between this version and Pokemon Yellow for Game Boy; for example, there are 159 Pokemon in this game as opposed 151 found in the original: Some items and events may be omitted from this version. In addition to the aforementioned changes, this hack completely replaces the original 14 songs in the game with compositions that are more accurate in regards to the original. So stand strong when facing Pidgeot’s stormy Gust and develop the ultimate Pokemon strategy to defeat the eight GYM leaders. Become the greatest Pokemon Master of all time.