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Across the universe, seven colored bells known as the “Rainbow Bells” shine brightly against the backdrop of the night. As long as those bells continue to melodically ring, peace will prevail. A night like any other, the Rainbow Bells suddenly vanished and there was silence. Someone had pilfered the seven bells and no longer did the night sky sing. As the universe slowly turned chaotic, it was found out that the evil scientist Dr. Warmon had absconded with the bells and divided them amongst his foot soldiers in an effort to take over the universe. Along with TwinBee, WinBee, and GwinBee, Dr. Shinamon set out to return the Rainbow Bells to the night sky and rescue Princess Melora. A new adventure for TwinBee and his friends is about to begin! This nonlinear adventure is fun to play alone, or with a friend! So get started on defeating Dr. Warmon’s evil robot army before it is too late!