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One day the kingdom of the peaceful mushroom people was invaded by the Koopa, a tribe of turtles famous for their black magic. The quiet, peace-loving Mushroom People were turned into mere stones, bricks and even field horse-hair plants. The Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin. Enter Mario. Armed with a fear of nothing, Mario defeated Bowser and rescued Princess Toadstool. With her magic, Princess Toadstool was able to break the magic spell and restore the Mushroom Kingdom to its former glory. But Bowser is back. Furious that he was defeated by Mario, Bowser has overthrown the Mushroom Kingdom once more. His magic is stronger, the pitfalls deeper, the enemies stronger, and the levels harder. Once again, you are Mario! It’s up to you to save the Mushroom People from the black magic of the Koopa! Stomp on Goombas and rescue Princess Toadstool from the clutches of Bowser before the Mushroom Kingdom is changed forever!