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Return to River City in a brand new sequel to the best-selling NES game! Set in Osaka, the original hot-blooded, tough guy Kunio returns as he and his classmates are caught in the middle of a gang war between to rival factions: the Osaka Alliance and the Osaka Union! On the way to Hotel Osaka, Kunio comes across Riki, who is also on a field trip and is staying at the same hotel. While making their way to the hotel, Kunio is suddenly attacked! Kunio makes quick work of his attacker, then makes his way to his room to rest as if nothing happened. Soon, he finds himself in the middle of a gang war as delinquents in the hotel’s underground parking lot begin to rumble! BARF! Help Kunio and Riki traverse Osaka as they battle through the streets in this high-octane brawler, only on the Super Nintendo!