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It’s the 3Mix! Mario and his friends are back in a brand new adventure; Super Mario Bros 3Mix! Make your way through re-imagined worlds as you try to best Mario’s nemesis, Bowser, once again!

In Super Mario Bros. 3Mix there are more levels, more chances at extra lives, and even more special new suits never seen before in an NES Mario adventure! The Bunny Suit (from Super Mario Land 2) lets you glide over enemies with ease. The Penguin Suit lets you freeze enemies to their core! There are suits for every occasion.

Completed in 2014 by Southbird, Super Mario Bros. 3Mix is an exhaustive love letter to all things Mario. An exhaustive disassembly of Super Mario Bros. 3, this ROM hack has been in the works for almost five years. Inspired by the work of Darkdhaiz and his Mario Adventure, in addition to the disassembly of Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros. 3Mix is a large scale hack that pays homage to a various selection of Mario titles from the past. You can expect all sorts of brand new levels and obstacles that may seem strange in the context of the game, are intended to remain faithful to the spirit of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Super Mario Bros. 3Mix is fun to play alone, or team up with a friend to prolong the adventure!